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Name: Allan Jones

AKA: Blades, B, AJ, Mistico, Bruxinho


Twitter: @bladesuk1

Instagram: @bladesuk1

Mobile: 07838 189 244

Facebook: bladesuk1

Blades is a professional codemonkey, who happens to have been coding since the spectrum +2 with the built in tape deck came out, when he was about six or seven. Hobbies include computers, gaming, music, comedy, tattoos, guitars, motorbikes, movies, home cinema, reading, climbing, lifting silly weights, home automation, and trying extreme sports whenever he can. He currently has two metal plates and thirteen screws in his left wrist from a motorbike accident that wrote off his beloved cagiva raptor, but hasn't let it put him off riding bikes in the slightest. Currently bike-less, however, due to thieving scum writing off his last one and a house move sucking up all available funds for the forseeable future.